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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cap home insurance flood risk benefits

Insurance against flood damage will be limited to know the connection with a slice of council tax for people, how much you pay.

The insurer will have to pay a fee to the fund to pay the claims of people with a high risk of flooding.

Ministers when dealing with insurance companies replace more "Declaration of Principles" in which insurance companies offer flood protection venture properties was locked. The old contract expires at the end of July.

While the threat of flooding in the UK has increased, and pay premiums for households in areas with a high risk of flooding has increased.

The Association of British Insurance (ABI) said that the new agreement will not raise premiums, families have to pay £ 10.50 to the cost of insurance for flood risk homes. This is money that will go into the fund.


Monday, 6 August 2012

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important component of any sound financial plan. It can provide financial protection for your family-or-your business in terms of your premature death. At John Hancock, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of life insurance products have been designed to be very competitive and provide real value. Are you looking for a guaranteed death benefit protection, low-cost coverage or consistently strong cash value accumulation potential.

There is a difference between the insured and the owner of the policy, although the owner and the insured are often the same person. For example, if Joe bought a policy on his own life, he is both the owner and the insured. But if Jane, his wife, buys a policy on the life of Joe, he is the owner and he is insured. Policy owner is the guarantor and he'll be the one to pay for the policy. The insured is a participant in the contract, but not necessarily party to it. Also, most companies allow owners to different payers and, e. g. grandfather to pay a premium for a policy on children, which is owned by a grandson.
Recipients receive the policy after the death of the insured. Owners appoint a receiver, but the recipient is not a party to the policy. Owners can change the beneficiary unless the policy has the recipient name can not be canceled. If the policy has a receiver can not be canceled, any change in beneficiary, policy assignment, or borrow the cash value will require the approval of the original recipient.
In cases where the policy owner is not insured (also referred to as celui qui vit or CQV), insurance companies have sought to limit policy purchases to those who have insurable interest in CQV. For life insurance policies, close family members and business partners will usually be found to have an insurable interest. Insurable interest requirement usually indicates that the purchaser will actually suffer such a loss if CQV dead. Such a requirement prevents people from benefiting from the purchase of purely speculative policies on people they expect to die. With no requirement of insurable interest, the risk that the buyer will kill CQV for insurance claims would be great. In at least one case, an insurance company that sold the policy to the buyer without insurable interest (who later killed CQV for results), found liable in court for contributing to the death of the victim (Liberty National Life v. Weldon,. 267 Ala.171 ( 1957))

Monday, 5 September 2011

Gold Investment

It was, almost no woman who was not familiar with gold jewelry. But, how many women who wear gold jewelry for investment purposes? Many, of course. When investing, women want a product that is its form, can be held and can be seen. That's why women's choice to invest is not far form of savings, deposits, gold, and property.
Gold was chosen as one form of investing your money smart solution because its value tends to stabilize and rise. Very rarely gold prices fell. And again, gold is a tool that can be used to ward off inflation, which often happens every year.
Gold is available in various forms, ranging from bars or bullion, gold coins and gold jewelry. Known as the gold bullion bars is shaped like a flat stone or brick, where the gold content is 22 or 24 karat, or if the percentage is 95% and 99%. This type of gold is the best investment because wherever and whenever you want to sell, its value will be the same.
Gold investment gains was chosen because the value of gold following the international standards applicable resale value on the day.
Then, the second is a gold coin, which form of gold like this is one other form of gold bullion coins that have been shaped into pure gold. Value and the levels were the same as gold bullion. To note is that the great gold coins for investment. But unfortunately, now the gold coins are difficult to be found again in the gold shops.
What about gold jewelry? Although the form of gold jewelry is very liked by women, but generally gold jewelry to be less good investment medium. Why? Therefore, gold jewelry requires certain manufacturing services to be characterized by a distinctive way. That is why, gold jewelry manufacturing charge to purchasers.
So, besides you buy gold, you will also pay the cost of manufacture. Not to mention when talking about the model is no longer up-to-date anymore aka outdated.
Traders in gold shops also must be ready to bear the less pure gold and gold levels to drop. So, even if they buy again, they have to melt gold. That is why, gold jewelry price will come down when we sell.
So with the existence of this article, please think broadly again for your money smart solutions.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Financial Management

Financial management is the management of the functions finance. Financial functions include how acquire funding and how to use the funds them. Financial managers concerned with determination of the amount of assets that are worthy of investment in various assets and selection of sources of funds to finance these assets.
To obtain funds, financial managers can obtain it from within and outside the company. Sources from outside the company come from capital markets, may take the form of debt or equity capital.

Financial management can be defined from the duties and responsibilities responsible financial manager. The principal tasks of financial management, among others include decisions about investment, financing and business activities distribution of dividends of a company, thus the task manager finance is a plan to maximize firm value. Another important activity that must be the financial manager involves four aspects: 
  1. Financial managers must cooperate with other managers responsible for general corporate planning.
  2. Financial managers must focus on various investment and financing decisions, and all things related with him.
  3. Financial managers must cooperate with managers in company so the company can operate as efficiently as possible.
  4. Financial managers must be able to connect the company with financial markets, where companies can obtain funding and securities can be traded company.
Basically the goal of financial management is maximize firm value. However, behind the goal still there is a conflict between business owners with funding providers as a creditor. If the company running smoothly, then the value of shares companies will increase, while the value of corporate debt in bonds are not affected at all. So it can be concluded that the value of stock ownership could be an appropriate index to measure the level of corporate efektifitias. Based on that reason, the financial management objectives stated in the form maximizing the value of the stock ownership of the company, or maximize their share price. Goal to maximize the stock price does not mean that managers should seek increased value shares at the expense of bondholders.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Social Insurance Benefits to society

From the social side, the benefits of insurance to the insurance are also very large. By helping communities to cope and effectively manage risk, insurance provides a huge contribution to our lives. Insurance improving existing standards with emphasis on factors which may cause insecurity. According to the Association of British Insurers, Insurance provides five strategic advantage indirectly (indirectly) to the community, namely: a) freedom from things that can damage the structure of assets and liabilities of an individual or business; b) security in the home and workplace from the threat of accident , robbery, fire and natural hazards; c) Better health from additional investment in medical costs and an emphasis on rehabilitation; d) wealth by supporting the spirit of entrepreneurs, innovation and risk-taking; e) flexibility in the presence of compliance with individual conditions and produce economic and social life that is not too dependent on government action.

Insurance is free does not mean that we can do anything even violates the contract agreement with the insurance though. We still have to comply with the contract of insurance premium payments, provisions and restrictions that apply. Giving freedom in this context means that the insurance helps us to realize our goal to transform the chaos that might occur into the risks can be managed.

Without insurance for example, a rider will have to gamble all of its assets each time they leave the garage because the accident will make them open to claims of damage. One fruit of crime to give a big damage on a business. Insurance will run the new technologies and products to be tested without fear, where before the failure can be bankrupted people trying to promote them. Of course some people will still take big chances, but millions of us will follow a more cautious, not too challenging and less productive because of the fear of liability that can destroy us we already have.

Even something that looks like a normal housing market depends on the availability of insurance; if home insurance does not exist, it would be difficult to imagine the families wish to invest all his wealth in a single property. Therefore, the modern economy, creating wealth on a scale that has never existed before, relying solely on insurance.

In creating the security, the insurance industry working closely with police investigations. However, the main contribution comes from the work of insurance every day it does with the policyholder through research on crime prevention. This encourages better handling of criminal acts from time to time. Unfortunately, some of the most vulnerable to crime is the least able to obtain additional security because of financial difficulties. In developed countries which require vehicle insurance, group insurance industry assess the car based on its security features and encourage suppliers to improve the safety car so that their model will encourage lower insurance premium. In addition, the insurance also guarantees security against fire, safety and driving insurance.

Impact of insurance against increasing prosperity is done by pulling down the limits of the business, product innovation and technology by providing a safety net for entrepreneurs. This bypasses the tendency of investors to put their money in the "safer" than the field of transforming. Oil and gas industry is a good example of the industry with a potential high risk that its construction is supported by insurance. Insurance helps to guide and encourage increased business investment, by showing the real costs of risk to individual companies and industries. Insurance cover almost all the costs of business obligations. Without insurance, many good companies to close due to a very temporary problem. Having insurance means that individuals and businesses do not need to maintain excess cash reserves to protect themselves against risk. Insurance freeing them to spend and invest.

Strong insurance industry makes life more flexible and not dependent on government funding. In this case the insurance industry to make life easier for taxpayers by reducing the demands that may have accrued on the welfare system and regulations. Private insurance often can provide a benefit that is more directed towards the needs of users, and can be done in lower cost, than can sometimes be provided by the government. It also allows for an injured party to sue for damages rather than seek help from the government. Public insurance to pay perawatanrumah described the pain of driving accidents and even accidents at work.

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